Arsenal Testhouse is the world’s only certification institute for contactless MIFARE® smart card systems and offers reliable functional testing and certification of such systems based on MIFARE® from a technically competent, and above all, independent partner with its experience in certifying contactless transmission via an RF interface, the MIFARE® Certification Institute of Arsenal Testhouse substantially contributes to the functionality of smart card systems worldwide.
This results in over 200 certified cards, inlays and readers to date. The experience and results gained will be integrated into further standards development by national and international committees, making the MIFARE® Certification Institute a major contributor to the worldwide compatibility of these systems.

With a MIFARE Certification you demonstrate your commitment to quality by providing globally recognized industry endorsed evidence of interoperability and reliability, demonstrating your abilities and willingness to comply to high technology standards.

Send us your order, registration sheet, samples for test and inlay or reader:

► cards / inlays – 50 samples out of your production, 1 samples where the antenna is visible

► terminals / readers – at least one sample as is manufactured

On receiving you cards or terminal, we start with a pre-check to avoid fundamental errors, which makes certification impossible. In the event of problems we will contact you to resolve the issue. You can re-submit improved samples for a low re-submission fee. After a successful pre-check we do the certification tests according to the test plan. If all tests are passed, all certificates and test reports will be sent to you on receipt of the certification fee.

Normally the procedure takes about 4-8 weeks. In urgent cases, however, this time can be reduced.

This depends on the kind of certification, following durations will be applied:

► chip modules – unlimited

► cards:   2 years

► inlays:  5 years

► terminals / readers: 5 years

Either register directly at our online registration sheet or request it as a download below:

► chip modules – 2 samples [SOIC or DIP] with the latest firmware

► cards – 50 samples out of your production run

► inlays – 1 full sample sheet and 50 ID-1 size punched samples out of your production run

► terminals / readers – at least one sample as manufactured

Arsenal Testhouse offer various tools and services to check the pre-conformance of your product. Below are listed only a few, for more information please contact us .

► Ensure that your active resonance frequency is between 14.5 MHz and 18.5 MHz

► Use our PCD Test Assembly according to ISO 10373-6:2016 in combination with our pre-conformance suite to ensure functionality

► For Readers please ensure a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz +/- 10 kHz – our team can assist you in correct tuning of your antenna

► Install a proper quality assurance in your manufacturing process to keep deviation as low as possible

We introduced the pre-check before the start of the MIFARE certification tests. This helps to quickly identify crucial discrepancies to save you time and money.
In unfortune events it can happen sometimes that a product does not pass the pre-check. In this case you will receive a detailed report about the failed testcases. You have 8 weeks to improve your product and resend it for certification.

The product will be tested against a subset of the MIFARE Test Plan at room temperature to ensure a high probality to pass the certification.

No, you only have to pay for the additional pre-check, which is about 35% of the certification fee.

► The MIFARE certificate covers one specific antenna design as mentioned in the test report and the chip and it’s corresponding family members in the same evolution state. Example: A certification with MIFARE DESFire EV1 4k (NXP MF3ICD41) covers additionally MIFARE DESFire EV1 2k & 8k as long as no changes to the antenna design are made. In the above mentioned example the 70pF Version of MIFARE DESFire EV1 4k (NXP MF3ID(H)41) is not covered.

Each certification can be renewed 6 months before the expiraton date and must be finished within this period.

Please fill out the form and we’ll send it to you immediately!