Commitment to Impartiality, Independence and Integrity

Our top management is committed and responsible to impartiality and makes this impartiality statement publicly available.

Our employees who evaluate products or management systems for certification purposes must not engage in consultation or technical advice for these. Accreditation standards apply strict prohibitions, e.g. in case that products are tested by bodies (Customers or agents representing Customers) who have been involved with design, manufacturing or sale of the products.

In order to safeguard our professional reputation as Arsenal Testhouse, we expect our employees and external personnel to act ethically and impartially in the longterm interest of our company and society. We require personnel, internal and external, to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to a conflict of interests. Our accreditation bodies shall use this information to identify threats to impartiality raised by the activities of such personnel or by the organizations that employ them. We shall not use personnel, internal or external, or buy products/services from direct Clients, until we can demonstrate that the risks or threats to impartiality are reduced to an acceptable level.

Thomas Sumberger
CEO of Arsenal Testhouse

Compliance and Ethics

Arsenal Testhouse commits to a Code of Conduct

At Arsenal Testhouse, we are convinced that the use of principles and value-driven management practises achieve more efficient and competitive results, thereby ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.

The Arsenal Testhouse corporate reputation is one of our group’s most valuable assets and a key component in service developments. Impartiality, independence and integrity are therefore the cornerstones of our Code of Conduct.

All of these values are shared and endorsed by our team, so reinforcing our company’s unity and cohesion, which will in turn help us achieve our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth.

In 2020, the Code of Conduct was reviewed and formulated. The launch of our new Code of Conduct is supported by an extensive implementation programme to ensure that all employees have read and understood it;

Download our Code of Conduct

Register your complaint

Arsenal Testhouse helps you to resolve your complaints in a timely manner.

Your complaints and feedback are reviewed as part of the internal audit and management review to identify any trends and to ensure any changes from a complaint or feedback were proper, effective, timely and successful processed.

This helps to improve our Quality Management System and therefore directly the quality of our service.

If you are concerned that the test report you received from our lab did not meet the standards, you have a right to complain to the Arsenal Testhouse.

Complaints and feedback may be received by various means, such as in writing, e-mail, telephone, web application, information management systems, or in person.
Staff at our laboratory who receives a complaint or feedback shall record it.
The record can be made in the form of an email and has to be entered into the complaint directory.

The Quality Manager consults with management and subject matter experts to evaluate complaints and feedback and determine if they relate to laboratory activities.
Results of evaluation and actions taken are recorded in the complaint directory.
The Quality Manager may add others to the complaint directory to record this information, as needed.From here it becomes tricky:

  • If a nonconformance is discovered as a result of a complaint the corrective action procedure shall be initiated. Close out the complaint once the corrective action is closed out.
  • If an opportunity for improvement is identified the preventive action procedure may be initiated.
  • A qualified person must review complaints for possible failures and investigate where needed. A qualified person is an employee with technical knowledge of the product or activity area (for example 35.240.15 – Identification cards. Chip cards) of the complaint

Whenever possible, the Quality Manager or responsible Manager acknowledges receipt of a complaint and provides the individual filing the complaint with progress reports.

  • Our Outcomes to be communicated to the complainant are reviewed and approved (by individuals not involved in the original laboratory activities in question) through the corrective action approval process or within the
    complaint process.
  • The Quality Manager or responsible Manager communicates actions taken and outcomes to the complainant as formal notice of the end of the complaint handling process, where possible.

To help us look into your concerns, include as much of the following information as possible in your initial letter to Arsenal Testhouse:

  • A description of your concerns
  • The date(s) the event(s) occurred
  • The name of the report issuer
  • The name, address and phone number of any other person who may have information pertaining to your complaint
  • Copies of any relevant documents you have relating to your complaint