There is a regulatory approval process administered by GS1 for GS1 EPC UHF Gen2v2 certification that takes place before tags/ics can be labeled as GS1 compliant. The RFID lab of Arsenal Testhouse is a part of this process and was elected by GS1 to perform conformance and interoperability tests.

Conformance Testing:

The EPC Compliant Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Devices Conformance Requirements specifies the conformance requirements for a passive-backscatter, Interrogator-talks-first, RFID system operating in the 860 – 960 MHz frequency range.

You can find the latest version here: UHF Class 1 Gen 2 V. 2.0.1 Standard Conformance Requirements

Interoperability Testing:

Interoperability test system for testing that end-to-end functionality between two communicating RFID hardware devices as required by “EPC Radio-
Frequency Identity Protocols Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Protocol for Communications at 860 MHZ – 960 MHz Version 2.0.0”.

You can find the latest version here: Interoperability Test Methodology v2.0.1 for UHF Gen 2 RFID Devices

More information regarding this certification you will find on certification website of GS1.



With our high end test equipment we are able to offer the service to precisely measure the performance of your transponder tag or reader.

Depending on the application required our team has the knowledge and testing capabilities to not only test your RFID product, but to interpret the results and explain its impact to you.

Using our CISC Xplorer we are able to perform and execute conformance testing as followed:

  • ISO/IEC 18047-6 for compliance of ISO 18000-6,
  • ISO/IEC 18047-63 for compliance of ISO 18000-63 or 18000-6c, 
  • SINIAV, ARTESP, and Brasil-ID protocols,
  • ISO/IEC 18046-2 Interrogator performance testing
  • ISO/IEC 18046-3 Tag performance testing
  • ISO/IEC 29167-10 AES 128 crypto suite
  • ISO/IEC 29167-13 Grain-128A crypto suite
  • ISO/IEC 29167-19 RAMON crypto suite
  • ISO/IEC 19823 Conformance testing
  • Chinese GB/T 29768 protocol
  • ETSI EN 302 208

Our test reports follow our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.


If you are looking for RFID device testing for your transponder or reader device, do not look further:

To date, agricultural RFID applications have been dominated by LF (125 135 khz) rather than UHF (850900 mhz) examples.

The RFID Lab of Arsenal Testhouse is equipped to test transponder for livestock ear tags including the following standards:

Conformance test (ISO 24631-1): This test evaluates the conformance with ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, including resonance frequency and bit pattern tests.

Performance test (ISO 24631-3): This test evaluates modulation amplitude, bit length stability, minimum activation field strength, resonance frequency, amplitude voltage response (Vss).