BSI TR-03105 is a series of documents which is split up in general requirements (introduction and Part 1),
card-testing (Parts 2 and 3.x), and reader-testing (Parts 4 and 5.x) aspects. Both card-testing and reader-
testing topics consist of lower-layer (Parts 2 and 4) and application-layer (Parts 3.x and 5.x) parts.
Generally, the TR-03105 documents form the basis of certification testing for German ePassports (and, as
introduced later, German eID cards) documents and readers. But they can also be applied to foreign
ePassports and eID products (as long as it is guaranteed that they are constructed in a standardized way) –
thus giving the TR-03105 an importance beyond the German market.
Within this specification, BSI TR-03105 Part 2, the focus is on lower-layer (meaning ISO/IEC 14443-1 .. -4)
document testing. Both earlier editions of this specification were based on ISO/IEC 10373-6:2001 (the first
edition of the general test standard for ISO/IEC 14443-compliant products) but this third edition is based on
the new ePassport testing standard ISO/IEC 18745-2:2016.