BSI TR-03150 Part 1 – Plan for Testing of Contactless Media for Conformance with CEN/TS 16794:2017

Latest Version

Edition 1.0 from 2018-02-27


CEN/TS 16794:2017 is the first specification for contactless readers and media which was formally synchronized with NFC Forum’s Analog 2.0 specification for mobile devices. It will ensure technical interoperability between conformant media and readers in the Transport sector and also with NFC mobile devices which conform to NFC Forum’s Analog 2.0 specification.

Which devices can be tested against this standard?
  • Contactless Media such as Smart Cards, Smart Tickets, Tokens, Wearables
Which test methods of this standard can be performed at Arsenal?

Most of the below mentioned test methods must be performed at several H-fields from 1.5A/m up 7.5A/m and at three temperatures (-10°C, 23°C and 50°C).

Analog Tests

  • 3.1 PICC Operating Field Strength
  • 3.2 PICC Transmission
  • 3.3 PICC Reception
  • 3.4 PICC Maximum Loading Effect
  • 3.5 PICC EMD Level and Low EMD Time
  • 3.6 Alternating Magnetic Field

Digital Tests

  • 4.1 PICC Digital Conformance to ISO/IEC 14443 Standard Series
  • 4.2 PICC Support of REQB/WUPB Allowing Extended ATQB
  • 4.3 Recommendations on RFU Bits and Values Reception Test
  • 4.4 Field Ramp-ups and Shut-offs
  • Which test tools are used for testing of this standard by Arsenal?
    • Arsenal Studio with CEN/TS 16794-2 testsuite
    • Test PCD Assembly – Arsenal Testhouse – you can order this right here
    • Reference PICC Class 1 – Arsenal Testhouse – you can order this right here
    • Oscilloscope with active probes – Rohde Schwarz RTO1024
    • Signal Generator – Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A and NI MP500 TCL3
    • Amplifier – Rohde & Schwarz BBA100
    • Temperature Forcing Device – SP FTS ThermoJet ES Precision Temperature Cycling System
    Which information must i provide for performing the test methods of this standard?

    In order to ensure a proper test setup, it is mandatory for you to provide a completed ICS
    (Implementation Conformance Statement) document, which can be downloaded here or alternativly filled online.